Magisterial District Courts

The Magisterial District Courts, also referred to as the minor courts or the people’s courts, are the first level of Pennsylvania’s Unified Judicial System and are presided over by magisterial district judges.

The 26th Judicial District has a total of five minor courts, with four in Columbia County and one in Montour County.

Contact Information:

Russell L. Lawton
District No. 26-2-01
700 Sawmill Road,
Suite 102
Bloomsburg, PA 17815
Phone: 570-784-1868
Fax: 570-784-9061
Coverage Areas:
Town of Bloomsburg
Township of Scott
Doug D. Brewer
District No. 26-3-01
100 W. Third Street
Millville, PA 17846
Phone: 570-458-5501
Fax: 570-458-0252
Coverage Areas:
Borough of Benton
Borough of Stillwater
Borough of Millville
Borough of Orangeville
Township of Sugarloaf
Township of Benton
Township of Pine
Township of Greenwood
Township of Orange
Township of Montour
Township of Mount Pleasant
Township of Madison
Township of Hemlock
Township of Fishingcreek
Township of Jackson
Brenda Hess-Williams
District No. 26-3-02
339 West Front Street
Berwick, PA 18603
Phone: 570-759-0359
Fax: 570-759-9230
Coverage Areas:
Borough of Berwick
Borough of Briar Creek
Township of Briar Creek
Township of North Centre
Township of South Centre
Craig W. Long
District No. 26-3-03
400 Fisher Avenue
Catawissa, PA 17820
Phone: 570-356-2309
Fax: 570-356-2019
Coverage Area:
Borough of Catawissa
Borough of Centralia
Township of Conyngham
Township of Main
Township of Catawissa
Township of Franklin
Township of Cleveland
Township of Locust
Township of Roaring Creek
Township of Beaver
Borough of Ashland (partial)
Township of Mifflin

Montour County Magisterial District Court:

William W Wilt III
District No. 26-3-04
253 Mill St.
Danville, PA 17821
Phone: 570-271-3022
Fax: 570-271-3008
Coverage Areas:
Township of Anthony, Township of Cooper,
Township of Derry, Borough of Danville,
Township of Liberty, Township of Limestone,
Township of West Hemlock,
Township of Mayberry, Township of Mahoning,
Township of Valley, Borough of Washington

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